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Your central heating system and specifically your boiler is among one of the most important investments for your home, and you therefore need for it to be working not only efficiently but also safely

Has your existing boiler been installed for more than 12 years?

Is the room where your boiler is installed warmer than the rest of the house?

Is your boiler leaking, breaking down or losing pressure regularly?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then it might be time for you to have a your old boiler replaced before it starts to cost you more in repairs, higher gas bills as it is using more fuel, or it becomes unsafe for you and your family.

When To Hire Boiler Replacement Specialists?

Below are the top tips for when you should replace your old boiler for a new A+ rated energy efficient one. We are going to look at:

How Old Is Your Boiler?

Unsafe boiler in Headingle LeedsModern gas boilers are generally made to last from 12 to 15 years. If you have been having an annual boiler service and your heating system has been properly maintained as well, then your local gas engineer will be able to tell you the best time to replace your boiler.

But if you have not been having your boiler maintained regularly and it is inside the 12 to 15 years, starting to breakdown, lose pressure, then you should start looking for a local boiler replacement service.

If your boiler is the old open flue style then I would recommend looking in to having a new one fitted. With this model it is very likely that your heating bills are a lot higher than they could be, as even when well maintained these systems usually only run at approximately 65% efficiency,

If your local gas engineer tells you that getting spare parts is becoming more difficult then it would be wise to think about changing it. Once getting hold of spare parts becomes difficult, or the spare parts become obsolete, then the cost of your boiler repair bills will increase drastically as the price of the parts will go up. In addition if the engineer is unable to get the required spare part immediately then you could be left without any heating or hot water for several days, or your boiler might even be condemned without any notice.

Is Your Boiler Losing Heat?

A good indicator that you need a new gas boiler is when your old one actually loses more heat than it uses. It is fairly obvious when this happens as the area where your boiler is will be warmer than the rest of your house. Obviously if it is losing a lot of the heat it is generating then it will be using more fuel to heat the rest of the house, this will then increase your energy bill. This is definitely the time to think about replacing your boiler.

Are Your Energy Bills Getting Bigger?

if you are noticing that the amount of energy you are using to heat your home is on the increase it could be that your boiler has now become inefficient. As gas boilers age they tend to become less efficient, especially if you have not kept them maintained throughout their life. As a result, they will use more energy to produce the same amount of heat.

Is Your Boiler Releasing Carbon Monoxide Into The Air?

Gas Safe Carbon Monoxide DetectorCarbon Monoxide is a tasteless and odourless deadly gas that can make you and your family ill or even kill you if it is not noticed quickly. For a greater chance of detecting Carbon Monoxide you should install a carbon monoxide detector near to your boiler.

One of the easiest signs to spot that Carbon Monoxide is in the air is that your pilot light, or any naked flame is burning with a yellow flame instead of the usual blue one. Other possible signs of Carbon Monoxide poisoning include:

  • Windows, walls and other surfaces of your room have excessive amounts of moisture on them.
  • The boiler has a water or a gas leak
  • The vent pipes have rust forming on them.

If you spot any of the signs above or you start having headaches, feeling dizzy and unusually tired then you should open your windows and call out an emergency boiler repair engineer straight away to check your boiler for you.

Does Your Boiler Break Down Regularly?

If you boiler is constantly losing pressure, or frequently developing minor faults, then you should start looking for a local boiler installation company who can replace it with a more efficient one. Frequent minor faults with your system are usually a warning sign that a more serious issue is developing. As the majority of faults will happen when you are constantly using your boiler, the major issue will more than likely happen when you need it the most.

Is Your House Heating Up Properly?

If your radiators are constantly turning on and off all day but still only feel lukewarm and you can only get tepid water at best from your hot tap then it is very likely that your boiler is faulty.

In Summary

If you have checked your boiler using the tips above and you have decided that you need your old boiler replaced, it is imperative that you do let the boiler replacement cost put you off having a new one installed.

When you take into account all of the benefits of a new boiler then the cost of installing one is definitely worth it. Not only will a new model be much safer for you and your family, it will save you money on your energy bill, plus you will definitely notice a difference in how easy your home becomes warm once again.

If you are wanting a boiler replacement then it is important that your new boiler is specified and sized correctly to make sure that it can heat your home adequately. Contact our Leeds office and our staff will make an appointment for one of our team to visit and help you choose the most suitable boiler for your home.