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If you are looking to have your old boiler replaced and a new one installed, then you have come to the right place.

We specialise in offering our customers throughout the Leeds area the highest quality boiler heating systems installation, customer service and if required we can help you to decide on the best new boiler to suit both your needs and your budget.

As approved installers for a long list of manufacturers, the majority of our clients have either Ideal, Vaillant or Worcester boilers. At the moment our boiler of choice for clients are Ideal boilers as they are both reliable and good value for your money.

Having A New Boiler Installed

Before you contact any gas engineers to have a new boiler fitted in your home there are a number of points that you should consider This will help you to find the right company for the job, as some companies only specialise in a specific type of boiler.

What Boiler Is Best For Your Home?

Ideal Logic Plus Boiler Installation Crossgates LeedsAll reputable boiler installation companies will be able to provide you with impartial advice on which of the many types of new boilers is best for your home and will fit in with your budget.

What Fuel Will Your Boiler Run On?

For the majority of people throughout the Leeds area, this will be a very simple choice, as the majority of homes will have a gas central heating system installed. However, there are some homes that are not connected to the gas mains and therefore do not have the option of using gas boilers for home heating.

If your home is not connected to the gas network then you have a choice of three alternatives.

  • Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG).
  • Oil Boiler
  • A Back Boiler if your primary source of heating is a wood burner

What Are The Different Types Of Gas Boiler?

If you have had your central heating system installed for a number of years then you may have a heat only boiler installed. This type of boiler is designed to simply provide warmth for your home. When having any of the new boilers we supply installed you will be able to choose a combi boiler replacement.

A combi-boiler both heats the radiators throughout your home as well as provides you with hot water. The modern combi boilers are more energy efficient and a lot more convenient as they heat hot water for you on demand. Another plus side to having a combi-boiler fitted is that you are able to remove the hot water tank, usually giving you another cupboard for storage space.

As with all things it does have its drawbacks, one of the drawbacks is the fact that you can only use the heated water for one task at a time. If you were having a shower and someone else turned the hot water tap on downstairs then your shower would run cold. If you have a large household where a number of people may be wanting hot water simultaneously then a combi-boiler might not be for you. The gas engineer competing for your quote will be able to advise as to whether a combination boiler or a heat-only boiler would be best for your needs.

What Are Boiler Efficiency Ratings?

Vaillant Boiler Installation Cookridge Street LeedsAll new boilers now come with information about how energy efficient they are. The higher the energy efficiency rating means that the boiler has a smaller carbon footprint will be smaller, this is considered to be better for the environment. But in addition, if your boiler is running more efficiently then it is also going to save you money as it will be using less fuel.

It can be a worthwhile exercise to check out some of the consumer tests on new boilers to see which of the brands have been given the best ratings as the most efficient gas boilers. If you have decided that you want a specific boiler installed then you must ensure that the gas engineer who will be installing it is certified to fit it and that they are able to supply all of the necessary parts.

Is The Boiler Installation Company Gas Safe Registered?

When you have decided on the type of new boiler you are looking to be installed the last thing to do before employing a company to install your boiler is to check the companies gas boiler installers are accredited to install your choice of boiler. Whether you are having a new boiler installed, a boiler service or need an emergency boiler repair, you should check that their gas engineers are fully qualified and Gas Safe registered, before they start the job.

In Summary

Both new gas boiler prices and boiler installation cost will vary from company to company and although it is not cheap, a modern high efficiency gas boiler will reduce your fuel bill so saving you money in the long run.

If you would like more information on having a new boiler installed in your home then contact our Leeds office for advice on the best boiler for you and a no obligation quote.